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You're Welcome Here: Backstory Part 1

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Hey all!

There was interest in the backstory so I hope you enjoy part one!

Because of how much content there is (and I am hoping to have this backstory break go for only a few months) I will be posting TWICE a week. Which is crazy, I never even dreamed about posting twice a week if I had the comic pages to draw. So this is exciting.

So just a reminder, this story takes place in the PAST. It's the year Selina acclimated to living on the surface and got to live at the Helianthus castle and how she got to know Silas, Ryleigh, Oliver, Richard, etc. Please don't hesitate to let me know if you have any questions.

Also, that festival Selina is talking about in paragraph seventeen? You were there, too!

See you Thursday for Part 2!

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