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Merry Christmas!

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Merry Christmas all!

I have news!

I've been exceedingly busy in the past few weeks, unpacking, prepping for the holidays, and even was hired for a commission to illustrate a kid's book series! I'll post more about it on my social media when I can. This is exciting but leaves little time for the comic. I'm sad about the idea of pausing the main story, however, I don't want to do another hiatus and not post anything!

As such, I have another option for you in the upcoming months.

A few years back I wrote and released (on Patreon only) a backstory of Selina's first year at the castle. How she and Silas fell in love, how Selina adapted to life on the surface, and how Vellian discovered her daughter was still alive, and her schemes to ruin the wedding. It also sheds light onto side characters in ways we couldn't get to know them in the main story like Richard, Oliver, Ryleigh, Horace, etc.


So what do you all think if I release small chapters as pages here? It's a long story (35,610 words or 114 pages) and I would love to officially share it with everyone! It's one of my favorite written pieces.

Stay warm, safe, and happy holidays!


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