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Secrets - 099

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Hello again,

Lots has happened in the past two weeks! First off, I received some amazing fan art from Jonathan F who wrote a scene in which his original DnD characters (Sadira and Drake) meet Silas and Selina!


I had been following his work on Facebook for some months (you gotta check it out, he's really good) when he sent me this! I just love Silas' look of concern as he tries to imagine his kingdom of magic-less humans potentially deal with more dragons hahaha.

Thanks again, Jonathan, this piece makes me super happy and I smile every time I see it. :D

I also made my first Everpresent-themed art reel on Instagram! I drew Selina in differing styles, genderbent, as a child, and even as a villain! :O

Check it out HERE

If you don't already follow my work on IG, I recommend giving it a look! I post lots of art there, commissions, DnD-related stuff, and photos of Rosie at times :-)

And last but not least, you all did an AMAZING job two weeks ago by voting for Everpresent with the blue Top Web Comics button above. Its rank went from the 2000's to about 250 where it's been sitting all week. That's awesome!

I've updated the vote bait again, it's my digital palette I use for colors when painting the background garden for this scene. If you could take a second to vote there, that would be very helpful. I wonder how high a ranking we can get :-)

Thanks all! I miss interacting with you every week but even a regular comic update has been really fun.

See you in two weeks <3

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