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Secrets - 089

Horace wastes no time.

And we're back! Thank you all for your patience! I realize that this page would have been a MUCH better stopping point for the hiatus, but health doesn't listen to reason and timing. But anyway, it's so nice to unpause the story! I can't wait to keep sharing it with you.

Speaking of sharing, in case you missed it during the break, a friend of mine (who has her own comic) did a fun character analysis video on Selina/Everpresent and I provided some voice notes for it. Please give it a view as she did a great job and her review was really insightful!

And please check out SharRose's comic, too. It's a story of two teen superheroes trying to find their way in the world as they learn the best use of their powers. [LINK to comic HERE]

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