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Secrets - 012

Telling stories is what the Pastori love to do, and here are the true tales, starting with the first panel.

During a turbulent and dangerous time in the Cervidae kingdom, the king defended his people from a group of ravenous wolves, and eventually drove the creatures back with his determination and magical ability.

The second panel tells about two Qceoo who fell in love. However, each from a tribe who had been at war with each other for some time. One tribe remained deep in the ocean, while the other lived on the land. Through their forbidden relationship, they inspired peace and reunited the Qceoo people under one tribe. Nowadays, the Qceoo inhabit both the land and the sea.

The third panel tells the story about an Agrarian folk hero named "Sir Riley." His bravery and devotion to protect others inspired the Ryleigh we know to take on his name. Her childhood name was "Hamia." But when she came to Agraria to live with the royal family, she decided she wanted an Agrarian name. So she read about the brave Sir Riley, and has gone by Ryleigh Hamia Abhibhaavak ever since.

Finally, the last story tells about a dragon named Lynsnal. He was a good-natured dragon who would help the occasional person when they were in need. This story is about Lynsnal sneaking two spies past enemy lines when they were trapped. No one has seen Lynsnal in over 100 years (or any other dragons beside Selina for that matter) and many have assumed he passed away from old age.

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