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Secrets - 011

Shep always starts these campfire storytimes with a brief story about their God. Speaking of which, here's how the "God system" works in this world, and how each race/country refers to him:

Pastori: "Starkindler." As you can see, they view him as a creator with awesome power. The main theme they focus on is reverence.

Qceoo: "Water Divider." In making the earth, the Creator separated the land from the water, and the Qceoo see the whole world as a gift to explore and enjoy. Their main theme they focus on is joy.

Ablen/Buren: "The Great Collaborator." This is a race we haven't seen yet. They are a symbiotic race (i.e. one cannot survive without the other), and so they see God as someone who actively works with the people who live on earth, much like they do together. They focus on God's teamwork.

Humans of Agraria: "The Great Caretaker." You've probably heard this one before in book one. Since Agraria is garden and plant-based, they see God as a gardener, continually caring for his people and creation as a sustainer.

Cervidae: "The Ancient One." Knowledge is valued among the Cervidae, and they revere God for his wisdom.

Narthecs: "Steward." Originally, the Narthecs believed that everything was from the creator, and they were merely stewards of it. But over the centuries, they have lost their way and greed has blinded them.

Humans of The Erengave Desert: "Great Skymaker." Ryleigh's people call him this because of the precious rain that is needed to survive in the dessert, and how God is a life giver.

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