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Doppelganger - 028

All right - I have more background characters based on real life people:

Going counter-clockwise around the table, the captain next to Ryleigh is Hogan - he's based on a friend of mine named...Hogan :-). He's the main leader for the army and defense.

Skipping over Prince Silas is Xander Taerg, a left-handed captain who is good at tracking fugitives, and does scouting parties. He's based on a good friend of mine named Alex.

The dark-haired captain is Samuel (based on my art buddy: Sam). He's the cartographer for the king, and drew the map and other drawings on the table. Also, he's not paying attention and doodling :-)

The long-haired woman to the right of him is Rebecca (based on my good friend Becky - she's been so supportive during this webcomic's creation, I don't know what I would do without her!) Rebecca is the stealth expert in the kingdom and leads all reconnaissance missions.

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