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Secrets - 105

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In the fifth panel, the girl in blue is Amelia Taerg and you've met her before. She's sister to Xander, the fallen captain. The woman comforting Amelia is actually a cameo, she's my mom <3

This comic may have a maternal figure as its villain, but my real mother couldn't be any more OPPOSITE from Vellian. She's sweet, tender-hearted, and has always been my number one fan in making Everpresent and I know for a darn fact I wouldn't be creating like I do if it wasn't for the love and support I got at an early age. Thank you, Mom.

Side note, I appreciate all the support last week when sickness hit. My buffer got eaten up and now unfortunately I'm still not feeling tip-top shape and we're moving in a few weeks! So I will keep you all in the loop with my health and the move.

The past twelve months have been a very tumultuous time for this comic, which is why it means so much when you keep sticking with me and my story. It really does mean the world to me to see readers coming back again and again leaving such lovely comments. I re-read them when I'm feeling sad.

All that to say, I'm so grateful for you guys and thank you for reading. <3

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