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Secrets - 023

Thank you for commenting last week with your cameo guesses! They were fun to read. Here is a list of them all. I included these specific cameos because these comics inspire me!

  1. Marietta from Oddity Woods
  2. Ink from Lost Nightmare
  3. Reynard from Gunnerkrigg Court
  4. Harpy Gee from Harpy Gee
  5. Kay from Forgotten Order
  6. Lyra from Siren's Lament
  7. Kat from Sunstrike and BlueMist
  8. Willow from Earthsong
  9. Pixie from Pixie and Brutus
  10. Tuff from Archipelago
  11. Feral from Strays
  12. Piras from Awaken
  13. Tove from Tove
  14. Oliver from Space Boy
  15. Akia from Suihira: The City of Water
  16. Bianca from Lapse
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