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Secrets - 004

All right, there's a lot to unpack here! Silas and Selina are travelling as a second honeymoon, since they didn't really get one the first time around. Also, the magic the Qceoo woman uses to bring the food to the table is a type of dumbwaiter magic. Essentially, it transports certain items to and from wherever the user needs it. If you look back at the cover page of book two, you'll see an armband on Selina's right wrist. This band has the same type of magic. It allows her clothes to safely teleport away when she transforms into a dragon. The band can sense when she transforms, and saves her clothes from being destroyed each time. It also returns them once she changes back to her humanoid form. Finally, here is the link to the world map I promised last week! It shows the section of the continent where the rest of the webcomic will take place: LINK

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