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Secrets - 088

The most OP gardener ever. With all due respect to Sam Gamgee, of course!

Also, I have bad news. The health issues I had last week only got worse. After lots of thought and advice, I'm sad to say the comic will need to start a bi-weekly schedule for the next month or so.

Even with the extra week I had to do this page, I immensely struggled to get it done on time today. Which is frustrating, because making this comic is such a passion of mine and I wish I could update it every day.

So until further notice, expect an update every other week. I'll let you all know once my physical health is in a better place (it's nothing concerning btw) and I can upload weekly again.

You guys have been super supportive and that fact is not lost on me. Thanks for sticking with my story. I hope you guys are enjoying it as much as I am creating it.

-Molly <3

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