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You're Welcome Here: Backstory Part 18

New Backstory posting Mondays and Thursdays!

You've seen Vellian use this immaterial blade in the comic AND the moment when she masqueraded as Silas to kidnap Selina!

Well guys, the next backstory bit will be the LAST ONE! I've seen some interest from a few readers wanting to purchase this story and I'm open to selling it as a PDF, so let me know if you're interested, too.

I've been able to build a small buffer of comic pages in the meantime and I'm keen to start the comic up and running again. Luckily my health has been cooperating this month. Thank goodness.

However, I have a very important long-term commission coming up in June and at this time, paying commissions are going to take precedence. So I'm not sure what this summer is going to look like yet. Thanks for your flexibility and sticking with me! I will let you know what to expect.


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